TAP 22/70-Changing Spaces

Any good before and after shows you photos of before and after. Here, today, you will get a half assed version and only after pictures. I honestly had not initially planned to make this a before and after, but after jawing at you about my painting, I figured I would at least show you an after. Please bear in mind that William was working in here, and has since moved to a room doubles in size…basically I probably wouldn’t have shown you the before anyhow.

As close to before as you will get.

This is the house’s designated dining room, when we moved here, we immediately didn’t like that idea, so it became my photography workspace. I bought this table when I lived in Jackson, and it sat in my old garage for several years. It had a crappy leather top that was scrapped off in parts and dry rotted in all the others. I knew it would be a perfect table for my workspace, and so I refinished the top with William’s help. I did not touch the base/legs other than to wash and beeswax treat.

I love all of the imperfections, dings and minor damage this beauty possesses. That is what I call character! This is sanded down, stained, and beeswax conditioning only. It is such a beautiful table, and well worth the $40 I paid. We also added bun feet to it to give it some height. So smooth!

I am wondering how long this table was originally, it has space for a leaf or two, maybe more?! The base to me says it was longer, or could be quite a bit longer, anyhow. It did not have chairs when I acquired it, but I recently purchased these nice little swivel chairs from Big Sandy. The wood color on the chairs matches the table top almost perfectly, plus these have a bit of cushion for dinners, games, and puzzle time. I also like the nailheads, you can also find nailheads on my living room furniture!

I will also be putting a large art piece above the kennels soon. And after vacation, I will probably relocate the kennelsto another room, in the basement. This is such ease if access for us right now, and for my dog sitter, thank you Kellie!

See my Mason Smith art print entitled “Lone Wolf”?

I will be honest, my curtains are 5 years old, but I still love them, and I paid very little for them. I just wash them and put them back up in my Big Lots curtain rods. The table, dresser and mirror are all antiques and I paid $80 total for them all. Mason Smith gifted me this beautiful print of his, we used to be business neighbors and when Inkbox Tattoo Shop moved locations, I was sad to see them go, he kindly gave this to me. My brass lamp is an old yard sale find, and the antlers in the dough bowl came from Chillicothe Antique Emporium. More or less, what I am telling you is that I am a curator, and I only bring things in to my house that hold meaning or that speak to me. I also like to honor where I am from, where I live, in Chillicothe.

In case you spotted the old office chair in the corner, it is for sale and I would be happy to show you a better picture of it! Lol. Do you have a space in your home that feels like a black hole or chaotic vortex? A washing, some paint(or patched paint), decluttering, and redesignating of your spaces can go a long way to make you love your house again, love it now, enjoy it, hate it less or just feel like you have a better flow of things. Drop me a line and let me know if you have changed a space’s purpose, or changed it back to it’s original purpose, I would love to know!

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