TAP 23/70-I found a gem, then walked away…

Do you ever see something that grabs your attention, you instantly fall in love with it, and then you walk away? Yes, well that is the story of me and this plant today. Look at this beauty!! Black and purple…swoon!

Rhoads Garden Center and Nursery

But wait, look at this grouping…

Shades of green, white, purpley black?! Yes please.

Oh ladies at Rhoads Garden Center, you are making me such a happy girl! But alas, I did not get the planter or this grouping. Sad! I was honestly after a white lilacs bush, and a peony bush. I did get the lilac, she is spent and kinda sad looking, so I won’t show you her lack of her beauty right now, but I will show you what I did get!

For those of you that come to my house and always admire my coleus, here is my selection this year! It looks tie-dyed, and my picture does not do these plants justice. We also got a hibiscus bush, which looks like just a plant currently too, so moving on.

The petunia basket, William picked to put on the hook we got too. I am holding back on more annuals for now, as the dogs tend to tramp a lot of my flower bed, so if I keep it a bit smaller and snugger, that will make us all happier. Oh! I am not sure I mentioned, but the garden center has a great wine selection, craft beer selection and a charcuterie selection too. Some people love coffee shops, give me Rhoads Garden Center and Nursery in Circleville all day long, they speak my language!

I am taking a break from all the things I could be doing today, will jump back in tomorrow and this week. Sometimes we need to take a celebrate what we have done, rest before what we will do. What about you, how is your Saturday shaping up? Drop me a line and let me know what you are in to today!

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