TAP 24/70-Productive Day

So, I should just start with telling you all that this was the week, the week I finally felt that I am not overwhelmed any more. It took a lot of steps for me to get to this place, a lot of things had to occur, and a lot of emotions had to not only be reprocessed, but released(some re released too). I am so very relieved and grateful that I am at where I am right now…just waiting on what is next!

I have been so productive today, that I don’t have anything exciting or interesting to report, unless you count soaking diffuser parts in a water/vinegar mix, 7 loads of laundry(clothes, bedding, dog beds), swept then carpet cleaning in the dining room, dusting the downstairs and Avery’s room, cooked dinner, dishwasher, and climbing steps a bazillion times. I topped it off with some custard and a ride through the cemetery with William after it was all said and done. Writing it down seems like I did very little, but it kept me busy all day long!

Cleaned where the furniture is, yesterday! And that dark spot is not a stain, just dark in the photo.

Anyhow, I am enjoying sitting here for the moment, resting after a busy day! What was your Friday like? Drop me a line, let me know!

2 Comments on “TAP 24/70-Productive Day

  1. And for the next round all to be repeated but the coping will be improved.. the glitch something new to rip deep. I’m so deep but full as I have stepped down to being … just being
    Huggies . Your a page I love. V

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    • I have just been being, too! The problem, I have been surrounded by those without coping skills, and so no matter how I have helped, it didn’t matter. It had to be learned, and I was just strapped in for the ride. Yes, each time the glitch is deeper, harder. People just need to learn to understand, and move in with it! Hugs right back, thank you for your love! ~Erin


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