TAP 25/70-Tattoo Shop Sort of Day

In January, I was talking to a good friend that said he would love to have a tattoo, but he wants it to mean something. I agreed, and told him that I firmly believe in tattooing what holds deep or strong meaning to you, something symbolic that holds meaning, or anything that means something in some way to you. Sounds vague, in that it is open to interpretation, but meaning is different to us all.

I have two tattoos, and will be getting a third in June. Bill will get his 6th in June, Avery has at least one… Brooke has wanted this tattoo for a long while. She hasn’t wavered, and it holds much meaning for her. I am all for someone wanting to express themselves, to remind themselves, and to find more confidence in themselves. Brooke had our full approval!

Here we go!

Brooke sometimes struggles with anxiety and worry. She sometimes frets too much, and needs a reminder that she just needs to let it be, trust God, and let it go. Whispered words of wisdom, Let it be.

Clint McCollister, of Beautifully Stained, came highly recommended to us from a friend, and he did not disappoint! Clint was great at explaining everything to Brooke, the process from beginning to end, he was friendly, fun and very professional! What a great experience for Brooke to have!

The whole process was about 20 minutes, from walking in, to walking out!

We didn’t stop there, Brooke and I went to Envy Ink afterwards to get her nose stud changed to a hoop. Alix is always great when Brooke gets services from her! No pics of that, but another pic of Brooke’s tattoo.

Clint McCollister doing his thing at Beautifully Stained

I cannot say enough positive about Clint or Beautifully Stained! Highly recommend!! Do you have any tattoos? Do you want one? If you do, I know some people, here, there and everywhere. I would love to see your body art, drop me a line or picture, show those tats off!

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