TAP 52/70-Deliveries, Creamery, & Plants

Woke up this morning, anticipating a partial delivery of some new furniture and was informed that I was 6th on the list. Okay, that gives me plenty of time to sweep, dust, mop, pick up, it should all work perfectly! It is 10:38 and I figure I have at least another 3 hours for my delivery. Bill asks if I see Avery’s post, it’s good. No, I haven’t seen it but will look. Holy cow! It is 10:41 and delivery will be here at 10:48!!! I don’t even have a bra on yet!! The good news is that I did manage that, to harness the girls, but next thing you know, we hear a beep beep as the delivery truck backs up. It’s go time!

I have had these same guys deliver before, they are pros, efficient, friendly and gone in a jiff! Now it is time to finish my tasks so I can lay my furniture out! Yes, well, you get no pictures of that today because I had to let my rug rest and I am still trying out chair/loveseat combos. I will post about that soon though!

After a day of moving furniture all around, we were bushed! Bill wanted to surprise Brooke with a short jaunt, so we set out on a local adventure…

Crosstown Creamery & Diner in Tarlton

I have followed Crosstown Creamery & Diner on Facebook for a while, and a few weeks ago, Bill and I stopped in for lunch. We loved the food, the atmosphere, the staff, and the proximity to home. I should have taken a photo then, but failed to do so before digging in. Yeah, today wasn’t much different.

Here is what was left of my Smokey Burger and fries, and Brooke’s Harvest Salad.

The Smokey Burger was so good, queso, caramalized onions, fried pepper rings…and handmade fries, please! Brooke’s salad had fresh strawberries, feta cheese, Russian dressing and sesames, woooo! Yummmmm. Bill had a Classic Double Burger, and it looked superb, he said as much!

Happy customer!

Bill and Brooke had eyed the ice cream board the whole time we were there, going over the merits of each selection, back and forth over their top two choices. they finally settled on a scoop of Coffee ice cream for Brooke, and half coffee ice cream and half chocolate in a shake for Bill.

Me, I had a banana muffin. This was no average banana muffin, it had some cream cheese icing on top and a bit inside. The muffin itself was so moist, creamy tasting, streusel on top…perfection!!

Go visit, and try the chicken, bacon, honey mustard wrap!!

We didn’t stop with dinner and dessert, we headed to Circleville to visit one of my favorite stops, Rhoads Garden Center. Brooke said she hates to go to two places: garden centers and antique malls. I don’t know, those are pretty nice places if you ask me?!

Had to twist her arm to pick up this planter of succulents…

It’s really too early for annuals to be outside, buuuut, we had to get a couple of geraniums to look at until we plant our flower beds.

And as we were walking out of the greenhouse, back past the succulents, we twisted her arm again…

And this is what we left with…

It was a busy day all day, but ended with quality time well spent with two of my loves! If you haven’t explored our hidden little gems in our area, I suggest you do! Drop me a line, let me know if there are some places you think I should visit, I am always good for a new adventure!

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