TAP 53/70-How vivid are your dreams?

I truly hate when I dream of important information and I forget upon waking, but I know there were some very important details I needed to hold on to…gone. Or are they? My dreams have been prophetic, foretelling and puzzle like in the details, but I know what the symbols mean, how the energy transfers, if I simply ate something, or if life transferred over to my dreams. How about you, how vivid are your dreams?

Do you dream in color, or do you dream in black and white, do you even know? I am a full out color dreamer, I can tell you minute details about the colors in my dreams, but sometimes those things are not important in the dream, it is muted out, so that I see the more important details. Have you had dreams like that, where you see something, but know the detail is unimportant, and so it becomes muted?

I believe that when I get an important message in my dream, and I can’t remember it, it plants itself in my subconscious, to be revealed later on, for the purpose it was supposed to serve. So that dream I had last night? I can remember the not important things, the important was planted, it will be revealed all in good time.

Are you aware that you are dreaming, when you are? I am, and that allows me to put those mental markers on the important information. I even have conversations with myself as I dream, ie: this is a dream, I am in control of where I go in this dream, I can choose to wake up when I want, I am only here observing my dream for whatever purpose it does, or does not serve. The reason I do this stems from nightmares as a child that felt so real, that it would and could disturb me the following day, days or a week. This has also occurred in my adulthood, but once you start accessing this ability, it changes how you dream, especially if you are prone to nightmares. The key is to take the pause in your dream.

When we take the pause in our dream, we can identify what the dream is making us feel vs what our body actually feels. If your body is more involved, you may want to consider having a sleep study, as there may be more involved and your body is trying to wake you up. Back to the pause, when we take that moment to assess what is going on, we can decide to observe the dream, wake ourselves up, or continue to feel out of control in the dream. I know which I choose, and why. Do you?

How about the dreams with loved ones that have passed. Those can rock your world in a few ways, to see, smell, and maybe touch that relative is a huge gift! To be separated but interact with those same people may feel frustrating, or can still be gifts that we value. And sometimes, those same people you loved, can be downright mean or cruel in your dreams, and this is very unsettling, but odds are there is a reason. For instance, I dreamt of my grandma, she was at my house doing some gardening, I could see her, talk to her, smell her, feel the energy she always exuded and she spoke to me in a corrective tone, which she hardly ever did in real life. So I knew to pay attention to what she said. She delivered a message to me, she made me promise to listen to her and follow through, which I did, and she was right about what she needed to tell me. I can still see her in this dream, I can still feel the strength of her delivery of the message.

Can you distinguish your dreams from each other, the life driven, the food influence, the foretelling or prophetic? Can you find the messages, or connect the dots that may mean something to you? Maybe some of you are thinking, “it’s not that deep”, perhaps it is? I challenge you to start noticing your dreams more, to pay attention to the details that are meant for you to notice, to start to understand what messages and connections lay deep in your slumbering subconscious. Maybe you can start to alter your dreams, try that out…whichever you do, drop me a line and let me know how vivid your dreams are. Happy dreaming my friends!

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