TAP 54/70-Dress Shopping

She may not like it, but this was a quick capture of Brooke as she found her prom dress today. She tried on about 12 dresses, even though this was the dress she had her eye on as we walked in the door. It amazes me how she always knows which dress she wants, pretty much right out of the gate. I think she plays this game with herself, she tries on the ones that won’t do, and saves the first, and final selection as the last try on. It is kind of an exciting game to witness, as she looks great in so many things…but when you see her in “The One”, she lights up, the dress shines, and she becomes the goddess that she is. MAGICAL.

What a moment to witness and enjoy with her! What moments do you witness and enjoy? What moments do you witness magic with another? I would love to know! I cannot wait to capture Brooke in this dress, with my camera, hopefully we’ll make a serious magical moment!

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