TAP 60/70-Me, and My Shadow

Hello lovelies, how the heck are ya today?

What do you know about yourself, I mean really know? What is lurking in the corner, the shadows, the places you don’t see, don’t look, don’t think exists or you just want to avoid to possibly “keep the peace”? Me personally, I have scoured this soul with an LED pen light, looking to bring to light what needs addressed, what needs some lovin’, and what needs released.

The first time I did shadow work, I had no idea this was what it was called, and if you have never heard of it before, it may sound dark, scary or wrong. While sometimes it is dark, and can be scary, it is definitely not wrong, it is completely right! See, we go about life, from a perspective of what we are taught, or what we learned early on. This is based on the person or people that teach us…and as adults we all know once you become an adult, all of your problems or issues magically stop. BWAHAHAHA, yeah, no. Somewhere in adulthood is when we realize how whacked, what we were taught, actually is.

My new wind chimes, in note of C major which correlates with the root chakra, the seat of security, childhood trauma, financial security.

Shadow work is not a blame game, this is not a blame or condemn your parents/family/teachers/loved ones sort of thing, no way. However, it is an opportunity for you to see how what you think you know about yourself, may be based on something that isn’t really about you, but based on something before you. It may even be based on a parent’s opinion of themselves. It could be based on something farther back, or maybe it is just based on what your natural inclination as a youngster was, and how those that taught you responded to that. Many possibilities to explore.

“Reclaim Your Wholeness”

So, why do Shadow work? It is so you can understand yourself better, so you can shed light on things you may struggle with, or it may show up as things that perpetuate themes or certain types of relationships in your life. It is also so the good things about you, light or dark, can come to surface for your betterment and positivity! A disclaimer: You may do shadow work and think that is all that needs done, ever, but sometimes things in life unravel for you to consider, need, for you to do shadow work again…basically it is not a one and done, but it isn’t a lifetime of consistent shadow work. Would I tell you about it if I didn’t think it wouldn’t be helpful? No.

I did Shadow work years ago, on my own, and then a few years ago, I studied more intensively about shadow work, and once again did my own unraveling of the things that needed unraveled. I found myself needing more shadow work recently, and oddly enough, I had purchased a shadow workbook last year, to sit hidden in my closet desk for almost a year, for me to unearth at the right time this week. Nothing is by chance, it is all by design…just like shadow work.

If you would like to learn more about this type of self help, I would be happy to talk to you, answer your questions, or guide you to a source/resource that may be better for you. I have also included the link to the workbook, which I think is very beginner friendly, very supportive in text, and something I personally found helpful. Drop me a line, let me know if you have some shadow work, or if you are open to it and want to learn more!

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