TAP 59/70-Helpful Information

Do you ever just let go and suddenly you are receiving so much love, care and support that you are overwhelmed, in a good way? Things have a way of working for your best interest when you relax your iron grip, stop having an expectation of yourself, and you stop trying to fulfill so much for others. It is actually an amazing phenomenon, and I am sure there is som science behind it, but for today, who cares about the science?

I have been very anti-helpful information from others for quite some time. Unless you are living it, have lived it, or have some experience from my current perspective, I probably won’t think you are helpful. It is true, and there is nothing wrong with that. I have surprised myself by the conversations I have had the last two days, what I have said, what was said to me, and above all, the circle of respect from each of us involved, and where we are at, respectively, within our own lives.

Show me who I need, that needs me. And so it is. Who can I live, laugh, and grow with, and who can do the same with me? And so it is. Who is not good for me to be around, and who am I not good to be around? And so it is. So it is.

Looks like a kiss from Mother Nature to Earth!

Let nature take care of everything, as that is where we truly are free, being our natural selves. More nature, soon coming your way via The Photographist Life!

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