36/45-Wet Paint


I started my day around 9:30, washing down walls, then I taped off woodwork, and proceeded to paint two coats of Sherwin Williams Extra White on the walls. I just pulled the tape off and washed my paint tools for the next time. Life is so much better when you clean up right away, and after the job is done!

Still before…Tones of gray

I am beat to say the least, and thankfully my wonderful husband is cooking one of our Home Chef meals tonight! I can’t wait to eat, take a shower and probably be a zombie here in a bit. The satisfaction of change soothes my little Scorpio heart, but tomorrow I will finish doing whatever I am going to do…clearly it’s a very loose plan at this point.

Before the second coat…and yes I painted my window casings!

Please tell me what you did today, was it fun, or was it productive, maybe a combo? Did you enjoy the day outdoors before the spritzing rain came along? I will see you tomorrow, and maybe another peak of my room…maybe. Drop me a line and let me know what you did today!

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