35/45-St.Patrick’s Day Randomness

This was the perfect day to have windows open, to reflect on what I have gotten done so far this week and to look things that I need to wrap up this week and/or add to next week! AND, today I looked out in my front yard, my maple tree is leafing!!! Yeehaw!! I love when all the flora and fauna start coming back to life, blooming and gracing us with their color and beauty! Who is with me on that?

I also enjoyed the full moon this morning, did you see it? We talked about the moon briefly at yoga today, for some, when full, the moon makes them feel wired, hectic or chaotic, a bit off if you will. For me, I feel a sense of peace and happiness, almost like I made it to where I was going, I have nothing to worry about and life is good! Funny how we are all affected differently by the stages of the moon. Do you have one stage in particular that affects you more than the others, or does one stage really have a strong impact on you? I would love to know, we can talk moon all day!

Crappy cell shot off my deck at 6:45am, but there she is!

Today is a widely celebrated day, being St.Patrick’s Day, do you have plans today? Did you do anything special or fun, or will you later? I donned my Lucky shirt today, maybe it will bring me a pot of gold tomorrow? Who knows?!

I would love to hear what you have going on today, drop me a line and tell us what you did or are doing this evening, and what’s blooming/leafing in your neck of the woods!

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