37/45-Where did the day go?

You know how you start your day with a plan, with steps of succession? Yes, well my day started off that way and then kinda went off the rails. You never know what kinds of wrenches may be thrown your way, but you have to roll with it nonetheless.

Here is my finished paint job in my space, now I need to rearrange things, select what stays, what goes. I will need to add some new things soon, but it is a work in progress! My husband was being very proactive today to gain me some new clients…I think he worries that I will cheat myself or undersell myself. Nah, I’m just getting started.

Anywho, I did get a facial today with my girl Jacky, she’s the best! We went to dinner with our girls, glad to have our oldest home on spring break, glad the youngest was off today. The weekend is going well, but quick, so I better make the most of the day tomorrow!

What was your day like today, did it go as planned, was it off the rails, or other? Oh! I did make some Sangria! Peep my 19 Crimes Cali Rose, ‘sup Snoop?!


Drop me a line, let me know how your Saturday has been, what you have or haven’t done. I’d love to know!

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