34/45-The Necessary Discomfort-Self Portrait

I am going to level with you, I never want my picture taken, so I never get my picture taken. A couple years ago I joined a photography group that does challenges, and one of the challenges was self portraiture. I put that challenge off, and in the end, I did not do it. I think it took me 3 rounds of said challenge to finally have a day where I just said heck with it took some handheld portraits. This was the day I had a stunning realization, why would you want me to take your photo, if I can’t even take my own??

I was very proud of myself the day I did some self portraits. I had put this off for so long, and if I am honest, I had a litany of excuses why I put it off. I thought about what I would tell a client in regards to my own thoughts, I had an answer and solution for each of my thoughts, so that meant that I had no excuses, no valid reasons to not see my own image on the back of my camera, so I took the plunge. Why am I telling you this?

If I can capture images of someone that is completely against the idea of being photographed, they are my biggest critic, and they don’t particularly want to stare at their own image, but they were completely happy with several of those images, then that is a step in helping you be happy with photographs that I take of you. But I’m going to do you one better, and get uncomfortable for you.

Not only did I take self portraits, I printed my likeness on a 16×20 canvas to be displayed prominently in my home. Wowzer, that is a hell of a bold step of me…and you know what? I love it! Why have I never done this before??? Why did I put this off for so long?? Seriously, why did I put this off? Ladies, don’t put off having your image captured for you to display, it can truly change how you see yourself, and your family will love seeing you too!

I am so glad I took that step, took a chance on myself and stopped putting me last. If I would buy canvases of my family, why wouldn’t I do it for me too? I want my kids to see me, for my husband to see me, for me to see me and for all that enter my house to see me too, after all, I live here, and the time needs to end of me not getting my photo taken. I challenge you all to do the same, get in front of a camera!!

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