31/45-Dinner time, Eats, & Home Chef

If you are like us, dinner time is an inconsistent, not all are present sort of thing. We can meal prep, and that usually consists of the same things, but what about those days that we are home and can eat together? We are trying to make this an even easier task for us, and we decided to try a new meal service to aid us in that quest!

We have tried other meal services before, and produce boxes, and frozen meat delivery…and clearly none of that stuck. When Bill approached me about trying out this new provider, I was skeptical, not down with it, and said no. He planted the seed that this may benefit us, and it is a different provider, so maybe it would be better? I caved in and we made an order.

Today we had Steak and Mushroom melt, with Barbecue Potato Wedges. Honestly, it was fairly easy to make, time over all needed to prep and cook was about 45-50 minutes. Now, you may be saying, that is a lot of time, I don’t disagree, but it goes quickly and it was delicious, not to mention, made at home. You could easily cook this and it would be good warmed up too. I also love the portion sizes, and to be completely honest, I hate coming up with dinner ideas and this works great for me!

If you would like to try Home Chef, I have a code for you, you will receive $35 credit if you are a first time customer! I don’t get paid to tell you about this, this is me sharing something with you that is making my life better. I am all about less stress, ease and motivation to eat at home and try something new!



What I did for me today:

  • Relieved dinner pressure
  • Cooked at home
  • Went to yoga

What I did for others:

  • Cooked at home
  • Shared a $35 off code

Drop me a line, let me know what you find that eases your dinner woes…also maybe let me know if you have a morning drink other than coffee, milk, or tea, I need a warm morning drink substitute for coffee!

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