32/45-A Pup Appreciation Post

Her angel, love of her life(her words).

Some days, you just need to sit with your dog, let him find solace in you. In turn, he will return that feeling to you.

Brooke’s biggest blessing!

By petting him, he feels your care and kindness. He appreciates the love you bestow upon him, how you soothe his tired bones.

Serotonin boost!

The gift appears one sided, but even if he is tired, he still army crawled his way to you for comfort, for love, to share a moment together. With you. We need more of these moments, mutual happiness, genuine love.

I am cleaning today, doing laundry too. Later I will cook dinner with my love, and have a chat with my oldest. I got to spend some quality time with my youngest, earlier before she went to work. The sun is out, it is a good day!

Drop me a line, tell me about your pets/fur babies, I would love to know about them!

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