30/45-Springing forth

Today was a cold one! We not only had cold, we had ice and snow, on the brink of springing forward to boot! Speaking of, are you a fan of springing forward, or would you rather make that an obsolete thing?

Honestly, springing messes with the animals too. Do you ever think about how our domestic pets adapt to our time change as well? I wonder if wild animals continue on their days as usual, after all, they have no idea what time it is, but more so when times occur(morning, midday, evening). Such questions, such observations. How do your pets react to time change?

While winter still has us all sleepy, cozed in, and warm, Spring is imminent, it’s in the air and the weather is on course to display Spring blooms soon, even now. My neighbor’s daffodils have bloomed and his forsythia is in full show. I love watching his yard through the year, but spring may be my favorite because it is a delight to see everything coming back to life.

Are you enjoying the sights of the impending season? Do you have a favorite part of Spring? What are you looking forward to doing most in this upcoming season? Are you looking forward to getting back outdoors, getting you hands and feet back in and on dirt?

The pups are enjoying the weather, they are getting invigorated with the crisp air, but love the sunshine warming them, oh so much! I am making a list of projects to do outside this year, and I have to remind myself, one bite at a time, enjoy the process.

How about you, are you dreaming of your outdoor space, and what it will be like this year? Are you planning new plantings, or spaces for your yard, or as the British call it, your garden? Maybe you are preparing to plant in your produce garden?

I haven’t forgotten…

Today, what I did for me was:

  • I went to yoga in this blustery, winter weather
  • I spoke “I am”, several times, progress

What I did for others:

  • I made plans for a couple of complimentary shoots

I would love to know what you are doing or planning for Spring, drop me a line and let me know! Spread the inspiration!

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