29/45-Pictures in my mind

Sometimes I catch shots of photos in my head. Today, I was exhausted and so I rested my body, during my nap, I dreamt of a couple in a field with golden sunlight. I know these people, their image was on canvas, and I had taken the photo. I was dreaming this right before I woke up, and all I could think was to sear it in my mind.

Upon waking up, I saw that my friend Roger has just gotten a new camera. Not my brand, but I am so beside myself with joy for him. The things he will capture, the good he will do with his camera, I am stoked for you Roger! And I know people will be excited for Roger’s newly acquired, new camera, too!

I have been working at being a photographer for years, and I always kept saying I wasn’t good enough, because I needed to learn more, and more, and more…but honestly, that was only partly true. The other part was waiting on the right timing in my life, and guess what y’all??? The time is now. I am ready, my family is ready, the time is right and so here I go, headfirst in to my life’s next adventure. I am a full time photographer.

Part of my 45 days was to figure things out, without putting pressure on myself, because I have been putting the full court press on myself, like bad, and most of that was conditioning. I have held myself to exacting measures and standards, that I was stuck, so stuck, and it rendered me unable to proceed forward, I was just going through the motions. Bill’s problems became my problems, his baggage became my baggage, and even though I had been fighting for so long, I stopped and just became accustomed to surviving. He has been working hard to overcome it all, and I have been working hard to overcome it all. We are fast tracking, and healing together-and separately, and that made me feel out of control at first, made me panic and freak out, and now, I am finally free to pursue what I want, to my heart’s content.

I think events play out as they should, for us to learn what we need to learn, so we will change with life. This is so we will push ourselves, and those around us to keep reaching higher, for our better, higher selves. What is the ceiling, how far can you go, how much can you accomplish and what is your best?

I found that out in the last chapter of my life, and now I want to find out in this chapter. What are you seeing when you close your eyes, is it a new chapter of your life, or is it a richer version of this chapter? Maybe you will see struggles, and that is okay, but just know, it’s only a chapter and not the whole book!

Drop me a line, let me know how your chapters are changing, where you see your development and plot twists and thickenings. I would love to know!

Also, I will be trying out some new ideas, if you think you’d like to be in front of my camera, I will be looking for subjects soon!

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