28/45-Connective Tissue

We are all one, a collective of differences, and similarities, but we all possess connective tissue…a binding substance. Maybe we have never been more, or less, connected than we are now, depends on who you ask, but I feel that people that want to be connected, will find a way. Are you making an effort to be connected to loved ones, friends, family, acquaintances, or are you feeling a bit restricted in your interactions?

What brings us together, what draws us apart? Is it our schedule, our other obligations, disagreements, or simply time and space that keeps us apart? Do you feel time spent in the company of those you are connected to enriches your life, and so you set aside time for those people? And how intentional are you with that time spent with those people you are connected to?

Sometimes just sitting in silence with people is all you need, because of that connection you can occupy space together, in comfort. That’s a pretty telling signal, how comfortably you can sit in silence together.

Other times we may be so loud with those we are with, that we stand the chance of being kicked out of establishments. But are you connecting, and enjoying those times to their fullest?

To get maudlin but honest on you, we never know how much time we have left. You never know the last time you will see someone, or if it will be the last time. Spend time connecting with those you cherish, enjoy, or you can be silent with, because it truly is about connecting with others in our lives. Drop me a line and tell me what you have done recently by way of connecting with others, I would love to know!

What I did for me today:

  • I silently connected with friends at yoga
  • I am visiting a dear friend

What I did for others:

  • I am visiting a dear friend(this is mutual)

Tomorrow is Friday, I will see you sometime tomorrow, until then, think about ways of connecting with others, let us know what you are doing!

2 Comments on “28/45-Connective Tissue

  1. You gave my daughter wonderful birthday gift and wrote the most beautiful note. 😊


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