27/45-A Good Evening

The best laid plans, well sometimes they go out the window! I was hoping to write posts in the morning, but today with my work schedule, that didn’t quite happen. Odds are you’ll get two posts within 12 hours, it is what it is.

“You know it’s a good evening when you did so many good things, you can’t pick just one as the best.”-Bill

Life is ironic, sometimes you post about sunsets on the horizon, and the next night you find yourself chasing them with your love. We had decided to not go the more direct route home, took a longer ride, and boy are we glad we did. One more road not taken afforded us the most glorious sunset, and we chased it for several miles, admiring the wonder of kismet,

Some things will be for you, specifically, don’t miss them, don’t overlook them. Accept them for the gift that they are.

Sometimes we just need to keep going, keep chasing the sun, living in the moment.

And when that sun gifts you all it can, when the day is done, don’t pick your favorite part. Instead, look forward to tomorrow, look forward to the next sunset, look toward that horizon and wonder just how far it will go, how far you will go to keep chasing the sun.

What I did for me today:

  • I chased a sunset
  • I made plans to go explore a small town

What I did for another:

  • I didn’t visit the past, I let go
  • I wrote a note to someone that matters to me

I’ll see you all tomorrow, who knows what the day will bring!

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