People often ask, “What’s on your horizon?”, and we often times get overwhelmed by all that we can say we have going on, or are looking forward to. Sometimes we just speak of the one thing that we are looking forward to, and say it with joy, a smile and maybe excitement. Do you have anything on your horizon?

When I think of the word horizon, sunset comes to mind first, I love sunsets! Next I think of a hill leading to a sunset, like we have some work to do or effort to give to get to that reward of a sunset. And then other times, I think of the horizon like a flat line, almost like a timeline of the things I need to get done. How do you envision the word horizon, what all do you associate with the word?

When you think of all you need to do, is it overwhelming, or do you see it as a challenge? Maybe it just is a day in the ordinary life? Do you have task lists or are you like a well oiled machine that knows your whole week off the top of your head?

Personally, I think I need to stick to my task lists for a while, as my days are all mostly different and I do best with a list and scheduling things at the moment. I do lack some consistency, and have to provide that structure myself with certain tasks daily. I think that I will start writing earlier in the day, as this is when the time feels best for me. Maybe I will tell you the things I want to do for me today, and and tomorrow I will tell you if I did something for another. Feels pretty solid, worst case I change it.

Today, what I would like to do for me is:

  • Clean my house
  • Get caught up on laundry
  • Online training this afternoon
  • Read this evening

Yes, those things really are for me, the first two. I like to be caught up and stay consistent, it helps with a weekly structure too. Minutes, hours, days, weeks, months add up, and I would like to be productive, creative, leisure, social and perhaps a few other things without responsibility weighing those other things down.

Drop me a line and let me know how you see the horizon, how you go about your week…if you are a scheduler or if you have consistency with tasks all week! I honestly would love to know!

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