12/45-Low key

I wrote two separate posts for today, prior to this one, clearly you see neither made the final cut, and we’ll talk about the reason for that in a bit. In one post, I was talking about enrichment, the other was a spitball of the consideration of a high vibe week, which the latter amused me and the former just wouldn’t completely form. I had to remind myself that sometimes it is okay to just be low key, lower my expectations of myself, and it will still work out.

Do you do that, have to remind yourself to take a step back and just allow things to be? Do you have to remember that it doesn’t have to be deep, or a home run every time, maybe it just needs to be a walk to first base some times? On this gloomy, rainy day, I am being invited to just be low key.

I will go at a slower pace, and I will have 3 main things I would like to accomplish, but I can definitely take my time today, go at my leisure. I am going to change it up today, being low key and all, and tell you 3 things I have done, or will do today. After all, it is about taking my time!

What I am/will do for me today:

  • Drank a cup of tea while sitting in the rocker, in front of the electric fireplace, while watching it rain
  • Photography Education online
  • Cook dinner with my husband

I would love to tell you what I will do for others, but I am not sure that will occur today. Being low key requires letting the day unfold, having no expectations, just being. And so I shall, and I shall enjoy it, and odds are it will provide room for me to be productive the next few days. I love having a flow in life, trusting what is called for, required even, it truly can make the days better! Do you flow with your days of life, if you don’t, would you consider it?

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