13/45-Truth, Donuts and Hugs

This morning I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when I saw something that caught my eye. It was a video, done tongue in cheek, yet it was so on point, so accurate, and extremely funny. I had a really good chuckle watching this little spoof, but a bit later, it made me very sad. It made me sad because it is the truth, and here’s what I have to say about that…

The truth can be funny, it can be amusing and charming, it can be eye opening, and hold awakening powers. The truth can be candid and frank, directly to the point, it can even be pointed, which is not always helpful, but it is the truth nonetheless. The truth can also be bittersweet, sad, and down right ugly, depending on which side you are on, but the one thing about the truth that I find most interesting, is how we receive and perceive it.

Some people will outright deny the truth, as it may make more waves in their life. Some people avoid the truth because it makes them uncomfortable. Other people out and out fear the truth, wouldn’t want those illusions shattered, would we? And sometimes people will go so far to hide from the truth, that they lie on others’ behalf. For some people, believing a lie keeps them from rapture.

The truth absolutely sets us free. It sets us free from ourselves, situations, life trauma, abusers, corruption, misunderstandings, all kinds of things. So, ask yourself if you are possibly supporting any lies, and what would the freedom of the truth do for you?

Today I didn’t do anything for me, which I am okay with, not all days require me doing something for myself. For another, I ordered Birthday donuts for tomorrow! Oh, I also gave a stranger a hug at the donut shop. She said she was having a very bad day, I asked if she would like a hug, and so we did. I hope you are hugging, or getting hugs, that you are being truthful with others, and yourself, and I hope that the truth sets you free.

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