Day 3/45 Self Care and Fun

Self care Sunday, Sunday Funday…we can do both and we shall!

Sunday is a great day for self care! It is typically the day after all of our rushing to and fro to get things done that we didn’t, or couldn’t, get done during the week. It is also the day before we resume said busyness, the lull before the rush. For many, it is a day of worship, a day of reflection, a day of rest and recovery. This is a great day to take time to help ourselves, nourish ourselves, and maybe treat ourselves more kindly. Self care Sunday, what does this mean for you, and how do you go about caring for yourself?

Sunday is also a great day to enjoy all the time and work you put in to the week. We need a day of rest, but sometimes we really just need to let loose and have some fun too. Whether you find yourself floating down a river, or watching your favorite sports team, cheering your head off, you should do what makes you happy. Sunday Funday has no limits, and should be a day of freedom, in whatever way you see fit. What are you doing to have fun today, does it include, friends/family/loved ones?

Today, what I did for me was:

  • I went to Rest and Recovery yoga this morning
  • I did a face mask
  • I cleaned the lint out of my hair dryer(holy cow, I haven’t done that for a while and it made a huge difference-no frizz)

What I did for others:

I am going to leave this one silent today. We don’t always need to tell what we did, we know.

I hope you have had a great Sunday, however you have spent it. For those of us in Who Dey Nation, today is definitely going to be a great day, not just a day of self care, not just a fun day, but we are looking for a day of victory, happiness and pride. Go Bengals!!

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