Day 2/45-comforts and comfort zones

I introduced you to my 45 day adventure yesterday, and I must say, I am excited to see where this goes for me, and maybe you too! Part of this journey is getting out of my “comfort zone”, which isn’t so comfortable, and trying new things. These new adventures may be big or small, depending on the opportunity, but new things push us to grow in all ways, despite size!

Today, this is what I did for me:

  • I slept on a new mattress(had to return that last one)
  • I slept in until 7:50am
  • I read for pleasure

This is going to be a bit contradictory, but as I am telling you to get out of your comfort zone, I am also cozying in with a new mattress. Here is the thing, we needed a new mattress a few months back and we went with a different brand when we purchased, thinking it would be better. For a couple of months we slept terribly hoping the mattress would somehow magically change, it really was taking a negative toll on us, and so we decided to return the mattress and go back to our old brand. Boy are we glad we did!!! This morning when my husband got up, I had no idea, as there was no movement or sound, even the dogs slept better and stayed put in the room when he got up, which almost never happens. Seriously, my whole outlook was different today because of this mattress and some extra zzz’s. just in case you were wondering!

What I did for someone else:

  • I watched a wrestling meet of someone I have never met, supporting others’ hard work is great
  • I cheered for a girl that chose wrestling as her sport, which is a bit unconventional…by the way, first dude you wrestled thought you were hot, his parents informed us
Nice to meet you Griffin! Great job today!
Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win!

What did you do today? Do you have plans? Did you stay in our go out? Any comfort zones you want to leave, is cozying in on your agenda? Drop me a line, let me know!

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