4/45-Specific Days:Uplift and Renew

2 Tablespoons brown sugar, 1 Tablespoon coconut oil, 3 drops lavender essential oil, 3 drops peppermint essential oil

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you that celebrate, as for the rest, Good Monday to you! It seems you either like this holiday/day or not. Maybe that is due to your current status, a former status, a belief or you just don’t like this day, and yes, I think this applies to V-Day and Monday alike.

I have never really been a big fan nor a hater of Valentine’s Day. I think it is a nice day for many to celebrate their loves, significant others or family members, maybe just friends, but still a cute day for gifts, goodies, experiences and love. I did enjoy it when my kids made Valentine’s Day boxes for school, and when I worked at Hallmark, the excitement of the day was very palpable. As someone that is married, I am not a big gesture person, and kind of loathe that mindset. The concept of Valentine’s Day, a day of love, in my opinion, should be celebrated randomly through the year, not just one day for commercial purposes. If I want to express my love through gestures, I do it when I am feeling the desire to express it, not one day a year. How about you, what are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day, you love it, hate it, indifferent to it?

My viewpoint on Mondays, is a somewhat similar look, so many people dread Mondays, like viscerally so, but I think it comes from your experiences, past and present of how your Mondays went/go, maybe also how your life went/goes. I am sure at some time I hated Mondays, but I probably hated Sundays at that time too…most likely I hated lots more than just days of the week. I get the feeling of memory that I was probably resistant, probably had high expectations, and more likely than not, I built things up in my mind for the weekend and thus the disdain for Monday. This seemingly would apply to a similar outlook on Valentine’s Day too, I imagine, the build up, the expectations, the resistance to not having what, or the way, we want could make us loathe and dread those days.

I actually enjoy and look forward to Monday, it is not what I consider the first day of my week, Sunday is, and it is a day I start fresh in my home, I like that. I wonder if February 15th feels like that for many people, fresh start, or if it is a day of regret, let down, or perhaps it is simply the day after February 14th for most? I don’t think I have ever really had this conversation with anyone, so I would love to know your thoughts on February 15th, and how you feel about Mondays-which I do discus with people from time to time. Let’s see what today holds for my 4/45 days!

Today, what I did for me was:

  • I made myself a lip scrub
  • I made a new rollerball of my signature scent
  • I refilled a blended rollerball gifted to me
  • I hung lavender and eucalyptus in my shower

What I did for others:

  • I made a rollerball with soothing scents for a fellow yogi that is a teacher
  • I hung lavender and eucalyptus in my kids’ shower

I felt that I embodied love and freshness in my actions today! These are actions that will benefit me for more than one day, and will also benefit others for more than one day. Perhaps it will encourage those I did for, to in turn uplift and provide freshness for others, and so on and so forth. Constant uplifting and renewal, I like that too! How about you, how do you like to uplift and renew others?

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