People Change

Sometimes when people change, it is for the better, for them, for you, for everyone around. You could say this type of change is a blessing. Oppositely, sometimes people change for the worse, they go through tough challenges, times of trial, or maybe they are simply influenced by others that have a negative impact on them, causing them to become someone different. Not all times when people change, are good or bad, sometimes change is just change, yet it seems we may be effected by the change, nonetheless.

I have gone through all types of change in my life, the good, the bad and everything in between. I have gained and lost people at varying times because of the good and the bad, and I have also gained and lost people in periods of transition. Here is what I always come back to: some people are here for a reason, some people are here for a season, and some people are meant to teach you a lesson. Whatever category they fall in, if you keep this motto, you are never upset, you are open and accepting to what is meant to be. Sometimes people are meant to come and go, many times, but again, the motto keeps you open, flexible and accepting.

I have some questions I will leave you with:

  • Are you open to change?
  • How open to change are you?
  • Are you accepting of others changing?
  • Are there limitations to what you find accepting, as change in others?
  • Do you provide room for others to go through change, knowing you may enter, leave, or completely exit their lives? Permanently?
  • What affects you accepting change, does that differ for different things/differing people?

I hope this transition of season finds you accepting the things you cannot change, and the wisdom in which to accept it.

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