*Turn on the light*

Everything I write is meant for you. Well, maybe it isn’t for right now, or it isn’t directed at you, but it is for you to determine in what way it has or could apply to you or your life. I write knowing that I have no clue how it might apply to you, your life, or someone you know. The purpose of what I write is meant to be a spark that either resonates with you now, or for the future so you can turn the light on your life.

I don’t respond to someone yelling at me. My last post was a reflection of that. I think we are in a place in this world, that we can all agree, there are so many differences within us all, and we all just want to be accepted for whom we are. Some people don’t want to share that with the world, and that is okay, they will go at their own pace and comfortability. Some people will seek out others like themselves, to find familiar souls with whom they can release a sigh of contentment, happiness or at minimum, acceptance. Some folks will announce that this is them, take it or leave it, and they move on with their lives to pursue what ignites a fire within them. And then you have the yellers, the people who are in your face, forcing you to not only accept them, embrace them, but you better also stand with them or you are assuredly against them. I have a problem with the last group, and this is why.

I respect all people, in all identities. I embrace all kinds of people, with all kinds of likes, interests, personalities, genders, preferences, needs, wants, etc etc etc. What I do have a major problem with is someone not knowing how I, or others, feel because there was no communication about it, just assumptions based upon quietness, that the person feels they then have a right to scream in my ear about, to disrespect my personal boundaries, get in my face or spew hatred towards me and others because they are not getting their demands met without even knowing where the other person stands.

I mean, if you want to meet me where I stand, have a respectful conversation about something important to you, I will happily do that. What I won’t do is tolerate your disrespectful actions disguised as activism, progressive teachings, or straight up bullying tactics to get your way to make you feel heard, seen, loved, accepted, or worthy. That all comes from within.

Not everyone will accept you. I accept that not all will accept me, for whatever reason a person chooses, this is none of my business, nor is it my duty to change, however to accept, to be so solid with myself that none of it matters is the most important. I am sure I will be lectured over this at some point, and I say please, talk with me about it, don’t make assumptions and don’t scream at me. I wouldn’t do that to you, and for the love, stop grouping all similar people in groups, which you also hate being done to you, I might point out.

This may seem like it is a pointed post, and honestly, it is. It is pointed at all the people that demand, extort, blackmail, bully, hate others into seeing, hearing, accepting, loving or “finding worthiness” in them. Turn on the light, look within before you look outwardly. Perhaps you need to examine what is inside yourself before you find fault and make demands of other people, especially if you are not not seeing, hearing, respecting, loving or accepting of others, possibly with a side of not doing it for yourself. *Turn on the light*

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