BE BOLD- A Father’s Day Tribute

Happy Father’s Day to all of you dads, biological or not! Today is a day to honor the man in your life that has been a father figure to you, or your loved ones, and to all the men out there that have raised their own children or the children of their hearts.

My father has been a great role model to me and my own children in so many ways over the years. He doles out sage advice with humor and direct words, but also with the spice of expectation, he wants you to succeed, expects you to succeed. In essence, when he says BE BOLD, he means don’t just take a chance on yourself, create the chance, execute the plan, succeed, and come on over to tell me about it. Don’t wait for something to happen, make it happen!

Before going to the top!

Dad had not left the state in about 35 years, had no desire to really, but he always wanted to see the St. Louis Archway, and we wanted to show him KC, so when he told us last year that he wanted to go on a trip, we really didn’t believe him, or that he would actually go. We made all the necessary plans, mom even rented an RV for us to travel in comfort, all for my dad to live his own words, BE BOLD.

630 feet in the air, living by his own rules…
Perspective is everything.
Cruising down the mighty Mississippi!

If you know my father, you know that he has never met a stranger, no such thing exists in his world. He makes friends as easily as some people breathe, it’s just natural, it’s reflexive, it is simply him. To say that my dad is adventurous, is not only accurate, but doesn’t even come close to the truth. He is BOLD.

FUN is a word many of us associate with my dad, funny is probably a more closely related word to his truth. There is never a dull moment with this guy, he is after all BOLD, and he encourages all around him to BE BOLD too. Some may say, “do you mean he is a bad influence?”, no, he won’t influence what isn’t already present within you, but he will enhance it. He wants you to enjoy his company as much as he enjoys his own, and his zest for life, well, he wants that to rub off on you too!

My dad has always lamented on the simple things in life, he is no grand gesture sort of man. He knows the value of time well spent, a smile, a laugh and sometimes a cry, but that is typically, but not always, humor based too. He loves animals, animals love him, and yes Doug, I expect a joke about my mom thrown in right about now. Mom, you’ll get your own post, even if it isn’t Mother’s Day, but I regress. It is the simple things that make life worth living, and when you are BOLD like my dad, those simple things multiply, magnify, and satisfy your thirst for life.

The world’s most elusive can of beer. Turn on TROOST!!

Speaking of thirst, I will always remember this trip, these places, and the stories that go along with it. I want more of these times with you, Dad. Take my father’s advice, BE BOLD, in all areas of your life, create the good times, the laughter and the fun. Here’s to the next round, “Let’s do shots!”.

Harry’s Country Club, gentiles we were not! Savages, YES!


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