Tattoo Time

Bill and I have been wanting to get matching or coordinating tattoos for a while. He has decided to be his best self, and I have decided to keep him because of it. We have had each other’s name and the kids’ names tattooed on our bodies for 15 years, but this is something that just we have, as I have a design that the kids and I share too. I liked this design immediately, and so did Bill, to me it represents individuality and freedom in our love for one another. Your marriage should not be a prison sentence or shackle, and this says unending love for self and one another.

Fresh after I took the wrap off!

Bill also got a sacred heart, and had some leaves and shading done at his appointment. Heidi always exceeds our expectations, she is great to work with and sadly my cell pics are not doing her work the praise and recognition it deserves.

Bill’s half sleeve is really coming along, and I am excited to see what he and Heidi come up with next! My tattoos always have a meaning or a story, usually both, connecting to where I am at in life. I had a couple of designs in the hopper that I have thought about getting from months to a year. I have quite the tattoo board on Pinterest and I just keep adding to it, gathering inspiration and ideas. I was fairly certain I was getting an eagle or an owl this time, but clearly that wasn’t meant to be. To my delight, I had a vision of what I needed to get next, and so I looked up the significance.

The cedar waxwing stands for: Balance, patience, self reliance, family, teamwork, dedication, love and prosperity. These are all cornerstones of my beliefs about life and family dynamics! The peonies stand for: love, honor, happiness, wealth, romance, and beauty. These are also very important to me in my relationship with self, home, partner and family. This is very spot on with how I have always felt, and how my life is finally in alignment with that. It was a done deal for me!

Heidi does amazing work, and we are always blown away by her talent and skill! I will have to post a better photo when I am healed up, but I think this is my favorite piece so far. Who knows what other birds I will end up with, but I am sure there will be more! If you would like a referral to get some amazing work done by Heidi, let me know and I will send you her link! Bill and I are both so thrilled with her art inked on us, we will definitely be adding more in the future!

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