Rudolph Run/Walk 2022

Bill, Avery and I signed up for the Rudolph Run/Walk a couple years ago, but we ended up not being able to attend. Then Covid, you all know how that ruiner has worked, and finally this year, we signed up as soon as it was announced and we finally walked for our first time! It was a great evening to spend out doors, as it was fairly warm, and the rain held off until we were done, which was truly a gift with this crazy Ohio weather.

Bill and I were all aglow with our neon necklaces and our flashing red noses, as well as our brightly colored sweatshirts. I had failed to pick up our shirts for the event prior to start, but next year will definitely do so!

Bill and I had no idea what to expect, and we were truly surprised by the turnout of people. Lots of runners, lots of walkers, some dogs and plenty of strollers too. Bill said he felt pretty good walking instead of running, and the little kids in front of us made him feel better about that choice too…until their grandma asked them if they wanted to run! Lol.

It was very nice walking with all of the other people around us, we struck up conversations and felt like part of a pack. There were groups of people along the route that cheered us on, that was pretty awesome and supportive. We also got to see the Christmas light from different vantage points around the park, and that was a beautiful sight to behold, and the whole reason for the walk!

The finish line was so festive, the emcee was announcing people as you were coming in or crossing the line, and plenty of people greeted you with smiles on their faces and water bottles in hand for you. It truly was a fun time, a great opportunity to get a walk or run in, time for camaraderie, and what a terrific way to support and help light up our beautiful town!

We will definitely be signing up bargain next year, and if you are local, I would highly suggest you do too! Drop me a line, let me know if you were there and I missed you!

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