Happiness Overwhelm

Are you ever so happy that it overwhelms you in a good way? That is where I am currently. This isn’t to say I have hit the lotto and bought a farm with 109 dogs and library(with a rolling ladder), no, this is to say that right now, this very existence in my life is such a happy time for me, perhaps the happiest ever. This feel momentous, overwhelming, awe inspiring and honestly amazing. I am soaking it up, reveling in it and find myself constantly singing, smiling or laughing. I am feeling so very blessed right at the moment.

On Friday, Brooke and I met Avery in Jeffersonville to drop some items to her for a big weekend for her business frat semi formal. We sat and chatted, had some coffee and teas, met a nice lady who chimed in on our conversation, and laughed about Brooke’s dialect, pertaining to certain words. She is my rural northwest Ross County accent child at times, and I love it!

We finally got to have a fire with our gas logs! We have not been able to use them for the first month as we have been having a warm fall, but yesterday was a go! Apparently Bill needed moral support, maybe it was supervision, I am not sure, either way we had a good laugh about the dogs and their concern!

Today we cleaned the house, did laundry, and have been counting down to watch Yellowstone. Who is with us?! Cannot wait!!

This week has travel for most of us in some capacity, Avery will be home for break, and I will be knocking some projects off my list before editing my next session. Lots of fun things to look forward to in the next couple of months, so I need to keep cracking! What’s in store for you this week, anything exciting or fun, maybe something you have been looking forward to? Drop me a line, let me know!

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