Wizardfest, 2022

I have wanted to attend Wizardfest, in Ironton, for a while, and this was my year! I gifted Bill the Harry Potter series earlier this year, and he was completely onboard to have a wizard of a good time with me! We started off in line, which steadily moved, and we were entertained by the group in front of us.

Honestly, I had no idea what to expect. I just hoped that it was awesome, I saw some cool things, and we would have fun. Wizardfest did not disappoint, and the best part about it? Interacting with complete strangers.

Bill and the Flying Ford Anglia
Hedwig, heading to Hogwarts

We were greeted by some familiar sights, such as Unger’s Shoe Store, the flying Ford Anglia, and Hedwig. We saw some amazing wares of craftsmen and women ranging from iron works, carvings, brooms, crochet, candles, plants, teas, ornaments, and so much more! We saw some great costumes from cosplayers, Pomona Sprout was my favorite, and ironically, I regret not purchasing a potted baby mandrake. Sigh. We even attended a transfiguration class!

There were so many characters to be seen walking around and teaching classes. So much fun to see and immerse ourselves in! There was so much to see with the eye, I was impressed with the level of detail the organizers and folks of Wizardfest put in to the sets and areas. I had no idea though what all I would see.

Butterbeer, adult style
Bill and me at the Two Beaters Pub

I had no idea there was an adult version of butterbeer, but let me tell you, it was delicious, unexpected and such a delight!

After those butterbeers!

We even saw some Fantastic Beasts characters and references, which was really cool!

Grindewald was serving up drinks

We had no idea the houses were within reach, but we visited all of them, check them out!

We even visited the Owlry, and wondered if we had any parcels in the pile.

I cannot tell you how transformed this building was to transport you to Hogwarts, but I would suggest you attend Wizardfest if you are a Potterhead, a mild fan, or a reader of the books.

There was an exotic animals exhibit, where I found myself conspiring with another on stealing one of the beasts, and had the pleasure of conspiring with a lady that allowed a beast to scare her friend when it photobombed her so good! Such simplistic fun!! Alas no photos.

Two Beaters Pub, aka Murphy’s Bar, was a phenomenal place for the houses, and to refresh with that butterbeer, they even had trivia at designated times! Such a great time! Truly, I would suggest you go, see all of the cool happenings, the costumes, the characters, the houses, and for the love, get you a butterbeer, adult or regular!!

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