Looking out my window

I woke up this morning, sweating profusely again, Bill was hot too. We opened all the windows downstairs, and the ones in our bedroom, hoping to welcome in the fall air and cool ourselves down. We noticed over the course of the next couple hours, that the air had really turned chilly, and was getting even cooler pretty quickly. At 10am, we had already shut the downstairs windows, and were practically freezing, so we shut the upstairs windows too. It had turned nippy in a fairly short amount of time, add in the misty drizzle of rain, and no sun, it looked and felt almost winter like! I believe our days of 70 plus temps is over for this year, and our luck of achieving a high of 70 is dwindling as we speak.

Tell me, do you like those warm days when you can have your windows open? Do you hate to close the windows on the chilly days, because you have to forgo the fresh air? Do you open your windows any time of year if it is nice enough? Let me know!

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