Three dog night?

No, three dog nights are those super cold nights when the dogs need to pile up to stay warm. The windows are open, the thermostat reads 71…not cold at all. Which begs to answer, is this fall, is it October and almost November? Don’t get me wrong, I love warm fall days, but I feel a bit seasonally confused. Two nights in a row I woke up thinking I had wet the bed, that is how much I have been sweating at night. It may be because I put the super thick comforter on, it has been warm with the windows closed, Bill had been laying next to me, and our bedroom is the hottest in the house, always. I have been drinking a lot of water, glad to know my sweat glands are ALL working.

Anyhow, could everyone please do a “steady” rain dance? We need rain so badly, I cannot believe how dry it is. I am thankful for the beautiful fall, but man we need it to rain! So, tell me, have you been hot or cold here lately? Do you have climate control, heat, cool…or windows open? Also, did you for that rain dance??

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