7 to Fall-Personal Growth/Spark!

I am utterly clueless. I have no idea where you are in life, what your journey in life entails, and yet, I talk to you every time as if you know where I am, where I have been, what I have learned and how I have grown…at least in certain areas of my life. I speak to you, as if you know, as if you are privy to the same ideas, realizations and epiphanies as me, mainly because you are, but also, this is to spark you. We probably don’t spend enough time questioning ourselves, our experiences and our interactions. We leave it up to those before us to educate us, and that’s fine, it’s gotten us this far…but the state of the world today shows you just that, it really isn’t fine, and where exactly are we going?

That is a bit heavy to ponder today, instead, we’ll shift and focus on one simple thought. Personal growth. We had an interaction with Brooke this morning, and she acknowledged that she was getting frustrated and upset. We assured her that adult life is not without conflict, it isn’t always saying pretty and nice words to keep the peace, but a direct approach is key, invaluable, and truly the best method. She is learning this at 17. Avery, sent us a piece from Spotify to listen to, it conveys and portrays some lifestyle differences in people, places they are from or live. The significance of me mentioning this, is that a couple years ago, we were all the same from Chillicothe-as told to her by a professor. Bill and I attempted to inform her on all the differences, and how those things are assets, not hindrances, and to collectively group people based on where they are from, is dangerous, if not ignorant. To closely examine the differences within a region is more so the point. We all are different and bring different things to the table. Assets.

Personal growth is realizing that you are not good at facing conflict and that you may need to examine more closely how you can improve, and why you take such offense at someone saying what you know to be true. Personal growth is also realizing that your professor from California made a generality, but also ignorantly placed opinion where facts belong. Personal growth is saying, I am clueless about your life, but I will speak to you about mine, what similarities we may possess, or how our demographics may bind us with similar experiences. Personal growth is predicated on an open mind for thought and examination of our selves.

We could discuss this topic further, but I am just a spark today, having been sparked by others. Tell me, have you found a spark recently that caused you personal growth or evolution of yourself? Drop me a line, I would love to know!

3 Comments on “7 to Fall-Personal Growth/Spark!

  1. My spark has been and continues to be my environment; both immediate and distant (social media). You are my spark! And from a textbook perspective Rudolf Steiner is my spark. ♥️


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