20, 19, 18 & 17 to Fall-Miscount, Missed Days, Misunderstood, and it’s all Okay!

Apparently I miscounted somewhere along the way…I missed a few days recently…and well, I am still dealing with some vertigo, and have added a lot of new things to my plate. While this would have been too much a few months ago, it seems to be doable and achievable at this point! I am so thankful for that!!!

Today, I would like to talk about answers, for you, for me, and for everyone in between. Maybe I should tell you that I am no expert? I may have 10,000 hours of time put in to this or that, but despite my time, skill or knowledge, I am no expert, no authority, no go to source.

When being present for someone, I simply am asking you, listening to you, and observing your words, subjectively, and objectively, for the purpose of meeting you where you are at. When I speak to you, I am relaying where I too am standing at, that day, that month, that season, that chapter of my life. I am not looking for answers from someone else’s life, but I may listen to their experience to see how it could relate to mine, or how they navigated a situation in their life that I could use parts of for mine…but this is all dependent upon whether there is relevancy there or not. And I would recommend you do the same. Ultimately, you have to live your life, based on decisions that are best for you, and no one else’s expertise can negate what you know is not relevant to your experience.

We often discuss why I write this blog, and I tell you that it is for you. What I can tell you that I exert on you is this: I don’t want you to ever feel alone. I want you to know that we are all flawed, and I am willing to show you my flaws, my failures, my struggles, but also my growth, my success and my healing. Not one of us is perfect, or has ourselves together completely, but, that doesn’t mean we aren’t capable of living in the duality of flawed, and unblemished. We are all works in progress and none of us at the same place, at the same time. However, like I mentioned, I believe in meeting others where they stand, and I hope you meet me there where I stand too! See you all tomorrow!

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