21 to Fall-In the Stars

*Heavy post start today

It seems that life is never without stress, but some people just can’t help to make things worse, for themselves and others. This is a sign of immaturity, ignorance, and most likely toxicity. While this is on them, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t effect others. Personally, this is like some sort of life theme for me, I constantly deal with these people, and I am not sure if it is an extreme test of patience, understanding, empathy or meant for me to positively influence and guide. Sometimes it is the latter, but a good ole ripe bitch slap would probably make me feel better instead. Anyhow, I have compassion for those that are struggling, as we all do, and the last couple of years have been hard for us all. I have patience for people to grow and learn, as you either get better or you don’t. I have empathy for struggles unseen, as it can make us all act a bit crazy on the outside, without seemingly any reason for our behavior. I could go on and on, but you get what I am saying. Instead let’s get out of our head and thoughts, our struggles and problems. Let’s take a nighttime walk and look at the starry skies. You ready to let it all go and just exist for a few minutes? Here we go!

Ah, so beautiful, this creation. Peaceful, tranquil, and amazing in it vastness. I hope you find solace in knowing that no matter how great wide open this world is, there are others looking at the stars tonight too. Have a beautiful evening my friends!

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