Summer 50-Guardian Angels

Do you have 1, or multiple, guardian angels, and do you believe in them? I believe that we have loved ones watching over us, at all times, and we tend to forget on days that are humdrum and typical. However, on days when things happen to remind us that we are being watched and guarded over, we tend to be even more thankful, more mindful and more appreciative of those guardian angels and what they do for us.

She was traveling on Marietta, to avoid the person pulling out in front of her, she locked up the breaks and hat to swerve to miss them. She went down the embankment, and over the fence.
So, starting from the left of the photo, ending down on the bottom right.

Brooke was in a car accident today. She was going slower than the speed limit because she didn’t know the road, and she left an hour early so she could take her time on a 25-30 minute trip. The State Highway Patrolman said that she couldn’t have done a better job of driving to avoid hitting a driver that didn’t yield. He said, things could not have gone more perfect, and informed the other driver that Brooke’s actions saved him and his vehicle. Sadly, it didn’t save Brooke’s car or nerves.

Narrowly missing a copse of trees, somehow bending the metal post.
Somehow missing a guardrail, missing the vegetation with trees, missing multiple posts.
After waiting on the other side of the fence for a couple of hours, which was a locked lot, the SHP officer liberated her. Thankfully she was healthy and well, and so were the people in the other car.

While the situation could have had disastrous, grave results, someone was watching over Brooke and the man and his passenger. Someone said not today. Whew, how do you be thankful enough for that?? Not sure how I will, but nonstop prayers and thanks to God and guardian angels is how I will be spending my days for a while.

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