Summer 49-What is that?

Do you ever see something you have never seen? You can wonder, you can guess, you can look it up, you can, or not, find the answers. Let’s take a look at some pictures that have made us wonder, what is that?

Is it a duck??? Is it a goose? Is it a hybrid??? Nope, it’s a loon!
Is is fecal matter? Is it a squished slug? Nope, it’s a eucalyptus leaf that fell in the shower and got wet and nasty.
Well, I am not sure what I may suggest this is…but it sure is strange! It is a Fuzzy Gall Oak Wasp!

Drop me a line, let me know what you have found that was strange, but ended up not being quite that strange at all! Bonus points for pictures! Oh, and I am open to your crazy thoughts on my pictures!

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