Summer 33-The Tangible Factor of Time

Do you notice, that some days, you waste time…you look at all you didn’t do, and you beat yourself up or you feel the overwhelming urge to cram a bunch of tasks in while watching the clock? Maybe some of you do that during your work day, watch the clock, waste time, then get productive in a window of your allotted time? Maybe you work best like this? I don’t know, but I started this with the honest intention of talking about how the clock kills time.

I wasn’t as productive today as I wanted to be, but ironically I got a lot done. I started my day with a trip to the bank, and the store, but found myself really dizzy, so the majority of my day was spent remaining upright and stationary. I did paint my nails, as I was sitting, and that’s always something I enjoy the results of, even if I feel it is wasting time, or a waste of time.

Same color in all pics, but the variation is why I picked it!

I was feeling pretty good so I cooked dinner with Bill, cleaned up, unloaded then reloaded the dishwasher, and hand washed the non dishwasher items. As I was scrubbing my big baking pan, I realized how I was ruining my manicure. And it hit me. Even though that felt like a waste of time to have painted my nails, only to ruin them hours later scrubbing, I enjoyed the process of painting them, and didn’t regret that. So, was it really time wasted?? I feel that is a definite no.

Why do we measure so many things with time, and subsequently make ourselves feel like time was wasted? Why are we not measuring all that we did do with our day, and not specific hours? Why are we so hellbent on thinking in time, instead of thinking in productivity? And why do we want to make the two synonymous? Yes, these questions are mainly rhetorical, and not meant to be particularly specific, but maybe it will make us all pause and consider how we measure our day, our time, wasted efforts, productive efforts and everything coming and going besides.

Drop me a line, tell me your thought on time, or how you measure it all. I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with this subject! Now, I am off to do my sales tax submits!

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