Summer 32-Music

I love music, it is lifeblood. You can tell a story, show your personality, feel a mood, create a mood, get pumped up, or sink in to some poignant melancholy with music. Music can be, and is, so much more than that, but truly, music is life.

Music can take you back to a day in time when something good or bad happened. You can relive a memory, solely based on lyrics and a beat. How amazing is the connection of music to our brain?! Did you know music is proven to be beneficial for our memories? Don’t believe me? Look it up!

I have been listening to some different artist inspired/created radio stations through Apple Music this week. Not gonna lie, I had a song stuck in my head and I couldn’t quite place it, but the more I hummed it, the more the words came to me, finally I realized it was a Justin Bieber song. So, Tuesday and Wednesday, I listened to a Justin Bieber created station!

The song I was humming, definitely was not Baby, but this did play and so I had to share with my girls what I was listening to. This station took me back in their childhood, so many happy memories and times I have had with them. When they came home, they enjoyed listening to some tunes with me too.

Brooke has a very wide and varied taste in music, some we introduced her to, some we did not. Today, she talked to me about some Fleetwood Mac songs, which a friend made me a fan of back in the day. When I say this friend MADE me a fan, I sincerely mean it. She listened to nothing but Fleetwood Mac, and before you know it, I surprised myself by singing along too. Apparently I needed a station around their music too. I ain’t complaining!

I seriously love ELO, and “Mr.Blue Sky” may be my favorite of theirs. One day I was telling someone how much I love ELO, they asked my favorite and I blanked. All I kept thinking of was Evil Woman, which is my least favorite, but my dear friend Lori’s ringtone is this, so maybe that explains why that was the only thing I could think of? Lol!! I guess music can make you forget things too.

I honestly do utilize music as a mood lifter, and no lie, if I am listening to old country, just know I am depressed and this soothes my soul. There is a music for all moods, situations, etc, what do listen to for your feels? What music or artist speaks to you most? What do you love most about music? Drop me line and let me know!

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