Summer 24-2/5 Summer blocks down

Are you enjoying your summer as much as you can? Could you possibly enjoy it more? What should it could you change to optimize your summer joy? Whew, lots of questions, but good ones to ponder!

Remember the wall mural I was telling you about in the dining room? Here it is put up, just need to put the frame up around it!

I am enjoying summer, I could be enjoying it more, and that I shall do! I would like to get more home projects done, hang out with friends and family more, spend more time soaking up the sun outside, and really just keep reaching toward the light, like any good bloom would do!

Al fresco dining!

It can get pretty hot some days, and certain parts of the day, how do you entertain yourself those times? At my house, hide-and-seek-chase is the way to go! We play with the dogs, the dogs play it together, great times I tell you! When I was younger, my cousins and I played Bingo a lot, also great times!

Do you see me?

So tell me, what have you done with your summer so far, what is still in the agenda, and what do you need to add to the list? Drop me a line, I would love to know!

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