Summer 19-Fresh, Fun, For Real

I think I had the best avocados ever, today. Just look at that beautiful color!!! What are you eating that is fresh? What food do you most love to eat in the summer? I love fresh produce, seasonal produce, local produce, but had to share the avocados!

Logan Henderson, left, and James Maslow

I had great time with Brooke last night! We lived it up at our concert, had laughs, sang songs, screamed our heads off and had an experience that was reminiscent of memories from 10 years ago, but somehow made better. Everyone we encountered, other than some fraudulent seat hoppers, made our evening just that much better. The weather was good in the evening and BTR was just as amazing this time as last! Seriously a great, fun, time!!

I have been asking recently to be shown the good people, and yesterday did not disappoint. I interacted with so many friendly people that cared about what they were doing, how they interacted, and how they conducted their service, it was refreshing, and very appreciated. I was also reminded of how far I have gone for people too, as I was shown a lack of appreciation from a former client, and how that resulted in me feeling ways that I didn’t want to feel, and you know, that was eye opening. I think we often receive the kind of care we once gave, to remind us to not only be appreciative of those making the effort for us, but to remind us that if we are not feeling appreciated, it’s time for a change, for real. Oh, and that patience is key in all things, people are doing their best…in all ways.

Drop me a line, let me know of a way that people have pleasantly surprised you recently, I seriously would love to know!

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