Summer 18-Concert Series…

Back in the spring, we made several plans to head to concerts this summer, I was the only constant in each plan. Bill and I were going to Toby Keith, Brooke, Avery and I were going to see Big Time Rush, and Brooke and I were going to see Tame Impala. All but one of those concerts fell through for varying reasons except Big Time Rush, and Avery had to bow out due to her work schedule…so Brooke and I are on our own in Cincy, and ready for a great time tonight!

We saw our first BTR concert 10 years ago, it was the three of us, plus our friend Olivia. So, while the original group is not all here, we will be having a good night regardless. Most of you will be scratching your heads because you have never heard of the band, that is okay, they are a boy band from the earlier 2000s, and they had a tv show on Nickelodeon, also called Big Time Rush. Lucky for me, instead of hearing so many little girls scream at the concert like last time, I will be hearing a lot of young women scream…woo! Lol!!

We drove through some crazy weather to get here, but our room is lovely, and the view is fantastic too! We are enjoying spending time together, just us, and Brooke even called downstairs like an adult!! Wow, such a proud moment!

I am thrilled at spending time with Brooke, enjoying our outing, and looking forward to being crazy with her at this concert! Do you have any concerts you are catching this summer? Drop me a line and let me know!

Here we go!!!!

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