Summer 9-Broom Vroom

I spent most of my day cleaning my basement ceiling, and the rest of the ceilings in my house. I started by using my ride, er, I mean my broom to get all of the cobwebs off the ceiling and in the crevices on the main two floors of our house. I then used the sweeper to do the basement. I did not get a pic of me using the sweeper in the basement, maybe you heard me cursing while I was at it? However, enjoy this pic of my broom…

This is a standard broom size, the photo warps it a bit, but I was fortunate to receive this for my birthday a few years back from a good friend. I use this handmade broom all of the time, not just for transportation. 😉 We are doing a lot of house clearing, and this is one of the handiest tools to have!

I also took Bill to pick up a rental car for his work this week, and I as I was driving home, I had some impatient person think that I should pull in to the roundabout in front of traffic. He was very hand gesturing and honked his horn. Sorry dude, I was not trying to die? We were all stuck behind the semi going to Riffle, what could we all do? Lol! Probably should have taken the broom after all. Idek.

A photo of Bill brooming, for reference. He may wish he was taking the broom for his long drive tomorrow??? Anyhow, do you ever wonder why we get away from the simplistic things that clearly work? Why do we think all advancements provide more joy or ease? Are we really working smarter than harder with all things? Drop me a line, let me know something you like doing the “old” way and why you like it, I would love to know!

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