Summer 7&8-Paints and Purple Delphinium

I was so productive yesterday during the day, that I didn’t have time to write a post, and in the evening time we went to the Chillicothe Paints game, I failed to write while there too. With the heat and humidity, I will have plenty of time to devote to writing today though, so no worries!

We always sit on the first base line

You cannot go wrong with a Paints game, tickets are $7, it is a great family friendly environment, and it is local. We had a group of 8, and it was easy enough to find seats by arriving a half hour early. There was a concert after, but to be honest, the game was at the top of the 9th inning at 10pm when we left, and we were bushed after such a long day, so sadly we missed that. There is a concert coming up with the same band and our tattoo artist’s band, so hopefully we will catch that when they play at the same venue!

Today we went to Lowe’s, as we received some free plants elsewhere that needed planting, and I needed some potting soil. The danger is taking me anywhere with plants, or wine. I did acquire a new plant at Lowe’s, whoopsy. It is such a beautiful perennial, it will go perfectly in my pollinator garden. This beauty is called Glitzy Bee Delphinium, love at first sight, y’all!!!

Bill is planting some tomatoes…

Look at this beauty! Ah! Even the store associate was going on about how much she loves this plant too, and had been admiring it for a while. It truly is a beautiful plant! We planted several things today in pots, coleus and tomatoes, and this gorgeous in the ground. I think it will be the perfect day to hang out, play some cards and just enjoy each other’s company. How about you, what does your day look like today? Drop me a line, I’d love to know about your weekend!

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