TAP 28/70-Horizons

I have to ask, is anyone else out there going through huge shifts in their life? It seems like all of 4 of my family members are going through some big transitions, and it is positive for all of us. The level of pain or discomfort has been differing to us all, but present nonetheless. I know a few other people going through a similar theme of big change, but give me a show of hands and let me know if you too are in transition.

While I am finishing up home change projects, let me show you an edit I did on Brooke’s photo from Prom yesterday. I think it is good to try some different techniques, it let’s you know what you like or don’t like, shows you what’s learned or what needs learned. Truly, you just never know what you like until you try.

I am always open to new things, changes and adjustments. The thing is, the biggest one, is yet to be seen or done. I feel that I am brimming with possibility of something new on the horizon. I really just needed to work through the things holding me back, release what no longer, or maybe never did serve me. How about you, what does the horizon look like for you? Drop me a line, I would love to know!

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