TAP 31/70-Words Manifest

Do you remember when I said I was feeling the overwhelming urge to paint…and this week that happened when I painted for 8 hours on Tuesday, and will happen again when I patch paint in the dining room next week? Yes, well sometimes we know what we want more than we know how that will actually happen. There were other things I wanted too, and those things have also occurred, so words matter if we say them or think them. Words manifest.

The irony is that in January, William boldly stated that he was ready for a promotion and he let it be known, to people within his company. Seriously, a month later he was approached about applying for a promotion, and sure enough, he got it! This new position has been a catalyst for change, in a good, uncomfortable way for him, but in a truly positive way for him, and for all of us. Due to his promotion, it has prompted us to redefine spaces in our house. William has moved his office to our basement, which means we have changed our dining room back to a dining room, and our kitchen table area has now become a seating area.

William changing out lighting/fans in his new space.

As we work through changing spaces, we are also changing within ourselves and our dynamic…our marriage. This is all a work in progress, and I have absolutely no predetermined or expected outcome. I feel it best to flow with life, William is starting to, too. Life is not something we need to have an iron grip on, but a secure hold with room to adjust.

I keep telling you I will share these spaces, but you’ll just have to accept progress shots for now. It takes big tasks like paint, carpet cleaning and lighting changes, but it also takes wiping things off or down too…Life is like that too, we need to do the big things and the little things…enjoy the big things and the little things. Flow with life, secure within ourselves, but open to inviting and accepting the new.

How about you, what are you manifesting, what words do you notice you manifest, and are you happy with that? Drop me a line, let me know, I would love to talk with you about it!

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