TAP 32/70-Root Cause

I never understood why people wanted to treat their symptoms, and not the root problem. While I was a massage therapist, my clients understood that yes, we are treating symptoms, but we are looking for the root problem, so we could address that, possibly treat it, or send you to a specialist that could treat the root problem. This is a life philosophy of mine, deal with the root problem.

We are bearing witness to a major onslaught of horrific things in the last few years definitely, but longer than that for sure. If you have been jumping on sides the last few years for this cause or that cause, you are feeding symptoms, and are not looking at the root cause. You may even need to look at your root cause to understand it all.

I am a woman. I have had two viable pregnancies, and one miscarriage. I looked at that miscarriage as a blessing for the soul that may have suffered had they been born, it was not viable clearly, although at one point it was viable enough to be considered a new life forming. What was the problem, I don’t know, but it happens more than you realize. 1 in 4 pregnancies result in miscarriage, and yet I was easily accepting that this occurred, as it was out of my control.

Things out of our control happen all the time. We suffer consequences due to us having no say in matters that involve us, and while that is tragic, what I find worse is inflicting pain on to others that didn’t ask for it, especially if we are just immature and irresponsible. Was I irresponsible and that is why I had a miscarriage? No, it is seriously common, sadly.

I could say that I have no opinion on certain matters, that isn’t true. I could say what I think other women should do, in their individual circumstance. I could say that men should shut up and sit down because they are less involved in conception to delivery…but I won’t. I won’t say any of those things because it is all symptomatic talk. I would rather say, what is the root cause of these things?

The answer to that question could be a multitude of answers, ranging from shallow to deep, depends on who you are asking. But what I really want to know is, when will people look at the actual root cause of the issues from the last two years? Instead of having an opinion and a fight for everything and everyone, look at why you are being poked and prompted to fight, have an opinion, stand behind a cause? What is at the root of THAT?

A picture to look at while you contemplate things.

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