TAP 66/70-Grounded to Grow

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to be stagnant or stuck. I like to grow, learn, do better, be better. I like others that foster that growth, people that challenge you, but that also will give you some guidance if and when you need it. I am that person, and I like that in other people too. Do you enjoy, and seek out, those folks that have knowledge about something that you don’t, so you may learn and grow? Well that is exactly what I did today, I sought out some much needed knowledge, I’m grounded, it’s time to grow!


If you recall, we recently did a downtown jaunt with Avery when she was home on break. She wanted to stop in to a plant store and get some succulents to take back to school with her, and she decided Grounded an Educational Plant Bar was the perfect place to stop. While Ave was getting her baby succulents and great instruction from Danyelle on how to best care for them, I decided to pick Danyelle’s brain over a plant I hadn’t had long, but was quickly killing. She listened to what I had recently done with my plant, asked pertinent questions about said care, and location of my plant, and gave me some information to think over. I had just bought a new planter a few weeks before, so I decided to not only bring that in to get filled, but to also bring in my dying plant for Danyelle to take a look at.

Preparing the soil.

Today, as we stood there discussing my mismanagement of my plant, we discussed success and failures with plants. You know how you see a plant somewhere, online or in person, and it just reaches out to grab you, you fall in love and just want to bring it home with you to look amazing in your home? Yes, well, not all plants are really best for your level of commitment of care. Do you have a glowing green thumb? Terrific, but as Danyelle mentioned to me, even seasoned plant parents can struggle with seemingly easy plants. What plant I thought I was dying to have, was not the best compatible plant for me. Without this conversation with her, I would have bought that originally desired plant, and most likely would have killed it…good for her business, right? No, wrong.

Just a girl, and her plants!

See, Danyelle believes that this is a relationship we are building, and I believe in that too. You go to her for a plant, you can kill it, sure, then you can either go back and get another, or you can blame her for your failure…all because you may have lacked that plant care/person compatibility. This isn’t to say she thinks people blame her, not at all, simply put she would rather educate you on your plant, watch you succeed with the plant’s growth and care, and then see you return to add to your plant family! She wants to help you learn, grow, and succeed! I love that!!!

Gotta get your hands dirty!

I left Grounded with my new plant, my old plant, and a pep in my step, armed with some new knowledge! I immediately came home to care for my babies, and relayed the information to my husband about changes I needed to make for my plants. He was happy I felt some new confidence with my plants, and that I had such a good experience with Danyelle. I have a couple more planters that I need to fill(RIP dead snake plant), so I will be stopping back in soon, ready to find the best plant for me, and to learn some more information to help me succeed!

Artistry in the making!

Are you good with house plants or do you struggle too? I cannot say enough good about my experience at Grounded, I suggest you visit Danyelle if you struggle with a green thumb too!

Here she is in her place. Her lips match the table!! Can’t wait to watch her hair grow!

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